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All Feedback Welcome!

Posted on: October 7, 2008

Hi All,

For those of you that have been to Exquisite Skin Therapy for a treatment, this is your time to tell the world what you thought! All feedback is most welcome as we are committed to improving our service to you.

Thanks for your participation,



47 Responses to "All Feedback Welcome!"

Perfect location with a friendly, personal service. Isabella offers helpful advice and I have had great results from my course of 6 pigmentation facials – ‘The Exquisite Skin Program’ – I thoroughly recommend Exquisite Skin Therapy.

The combination of the fantastic location, Isabella’s charming smile and soft hands, left me immediately relaxed – and that was before the treatment started!

She is friendly, polite and great at what she does.

Add another treatment to my Christmas list…

A breath taking view coupled with a delightful experience created an absolutely wonderful day. Thank you Isabella for your professional and friendly attitude. Will definately be treating myself to this experience again shortly…..

I received a free beauty voucher to visit Isabella for a facial.
The setting was superb and I felt completey relaxed the minute I walked in.The facial she delivered was perfect and the discussion regarding my skin needs was really helpful.I will definately be treating myself again soon.
Thanks Isabella.

Thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Exquisite Skin Therapy in an amazing setting and relaxed atmosphere. Isabella is very passionate and dedicated to ensuring her clients achieve the results they are looking for. Explaining how my skin changes and recommending products and treatments that are appropriate to my skin type. I am excited to finally find a professional yet friendly and honest therapist.

I’ll be recommending Exquisite Skin Therapy to all my friends.

I found my visit to Exquisite Skin Therapy both informative and relaxing – in fact it was a divine experience. You couldn’t ask for a better environment to completely relax and indulge in first class beauty treatments. Isabella is extremely professional and knowledgeable, offering expert advice on products and skincare. I felt completely at ease and trust her recommendation for various products and treatments.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Exquisite to all my friends and family! Which is why I took my sister with me on my last visit!

With the 2 stressful months leading up to my wedding I had the pleasure of visiting Isabella for my treaments included in my bridal package. I would highly recommend this to any bride. The treaments started off with having a facial once every 2 weeks to once a week just before the wedding. I started off with tired dull skin and by the time my wedding day arrived I was truly glowing and my skin had never looked as good. Included in the package I also recieved eyebrow tinting and shaping, eyelash perming and tinting as well as a fantastic manicure and pedicure for the big day.

Isabella is so professional and so friendly, I looked forward to going every week and am even kind of sad now that the wedding is over and I cant treat myself as often.

Due to the fantastic venue and the professional service we even send her clients from our company to go for a little pampering themselves!!

I recently had my eyelashes permed….something I had never even heard of but was recommended by Isabella. I have never had so many comments about how amazing my eyelashes now look. They stay curled for about 6 – 8 weeks and really make such a difference. So thanks Isabella!!

Also thanks for getting me onto your new Nimue range. I never thought I would stop using Dermologica, but the Nimue has really helped with my pigmentation and it feels so nice to use. My skin is really glowing and is sooo soft. Thanks!!

I came to Isabella for my first back wax!! Not knowing what I let myself into, I thought the awesome seaview could only mean good things…I must be honest, it was really painful and I would recommend having a drink beforehand, but Isabella was very considerate to my painthreshold needs!
She gave very good advice which i followed to the T. The first two days, my skin was quite sensitive, but settled nicely with the help of the follicle lotion that she gave me.

I would like to thank Isabella for the friendly, professional treatment that I received, and if I do decide to have my back done again, you’d be the one that I would come to. Thanks!

I have recently finished the Skin Program – a 6 session facial course with Isabella. Wow! My skin is years younger and she has managed to reverse some really bad sun damage. Thank you so much Isabella. I would recommend this to everyone.

My experience at Exquisite Skin Therapy was exactly that, EXQUISITE!

I went to Isabella with torn & broken nails and left with the most perfect looking hands. Isabella is truly a miracle worker!

I have been to many beauty salons in my life and have never had the perfect experience. Exquisite Skin offers just this.

Isabella is passionate about her business and a perfectionist to boot. The setting is breathtaking and best of all, totally private.

I am recommending Isabella to every woman who cares about her looks.

Can’t wait to go back!

Hi All,

Having moved to Australia from South Africa, I still contact Exquisite for advice on my skin. When the Director recommended Nimue, I went straight out and bought it. My skin looks fantastic, especially given the lack of treatment (since November!).

I’m booking in this week for my first Nimue facial and can’t wait to see how great I’ll look post a professional actually using this product on my skin.

Thanks for the fantastic advice Exquisite!

Isabella is a skin magician! I was so impressed by her confidence and her knowledge. She tells you the truth in an unfussy way and she also tells you what would be a waste of time – which i REALLY appreciated. Its clear that skin is Isabella’s passion. Her facials are really relaxing and the results are superb. I have been using Nimue for years but Isabella has also helped me bump up my routine and get even better results… I also had the Fabulous EYELASH PERMING!!! Amazing amazing treatment! totally relaxing and painless – highly recommend it!….oh, and did I mention the view? Come and see it for yourself!

Isabella is a true expert and professional in her field! She is thorough in both her knowledge of her products and how best to treat her clients’ skin. I was also impressed by her honesty about which treatments and products would be of most value rather than just the profit to her business.

I had ‘The Exquisite Skin Program’ a series of facials for 6 weeks finishing with the chemibrasion. My skin looks fabulous and 4 weeks later friends are commenting on the silky smooth texture of my skin and the radiance (they thought I looked 10 years younger) so I would recommend the series of facial peels and the chemibrasion if you want to completely refresh your skin! I have used expensive French products for years but Nimue is a wonderful find and has completely altered the tone of my skin and brought back the glow of youth I have lost over the years!

I am now back in the UK and although I am still continuing my Nimue facials the view and peaceful surroundings of Isabella’s treatment rooms is unparalled!

Make sure you try the facials!

Isabella truly is an amazing and extremely professional therapist, offering dedicated personal attention – it’s such a pleasure going to her for any treatments!

What stands out the most for me is how she ensures her product knowledge (not only of the ones she stocks) is constantly up to date, so I trust her advise and have been more than satisfied with the results.

I strongly recommend Exquisite Skin to everyone (men included)!

ps. And as for the view…..WOW, you have to experience it for yourself!

I’ve been using Nimue products for about 3 years, and went to Exquisite because of the fact that they offered Nimue facials. Isabella is friendly, professional and her product knowledge is excellent. She recommended I have ‘The Exquisite Skin Program’ – a course of Nimue chemical peels and changed my product prescription. My skin is looking fantastic, all my fine lines and pigmentation have practically disappeared and my skin breakouts are much less severe. I also had an Eyelash Perm for the first time. What a difference it makes, my lashes look great. I strongly recommend Exquisite, the setting is beautiful and peaceful and Isabella really knows what she is doing.

As a teenager I’d never had problem skin at all, I’d been blessed with great skin, but at 29 I’d started having constant breakouts along my jawline and around my mouth, which was leaving scar tissue, and on very fair skin was very noticeable – nothing I tried seemed to help. I’d been on almost every skincare programme, including a ridiculously priced French range, yet the problem persisted. I went to Isabella for eyelash intentions which were amazing and lasted forever. She explained to me why breakouts occurred and how Nimue could help so I went onto the range, which I loved immediately. I’ve recently completed a course of 6 TCA treatments – The Exquisite Skin Program – and I have never before had so many people comment of how fantastic my skin looks. Friends younger than me are jealous! I had noticeable results after the 2nd treatment and it kept getting better. I now have perfectly clear skin right through the month and have absolutely no fine lines around my eyes or deep frown lines on my forehead. TCA worked so well I didn’t even need Chemibrasion. The results were beyond what I imagined, I’m so thrilled, I have flawless skin! I’ve never totally believed the before and after pictures but it’s really the case with Nimue! I highly recommend the range and treatments to anybody and everybody. The products are reasonably priced, beautifully packaged and work like a fountain of youth! The Colourscience make up range is as great, I’m absolutely loving it and knowing it’s doing good really is the cherry on top! My mom, my greatest critic, was so impressed with my results that she’s now also half way through her TCA treatments and at 55 is no longer even wearing foundation. Isabella is so professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It’s an absolute pleasure going for a treatment overlooking such a gorgeous view. The flexibility of after hours treatments is really fantastic for those of us leading hectic lifestyles. But you’ll want your own proof, so treat yourself, you’ll never look back…

It’s a man’s World:

Being a man, we rarely take all the hype about skincare very seriously. It is always somehting that either our mothers and wives or girlfriends tell us about and we normally shrug it off, just like picking up towels on the floor etc.

I took up the challenge to visit Isabella at her place of work “Exquisite Skin Therapy” to experience what all the hype was about.

I have been to one or two establishments like this before that were aimed at men, where I was left feeling out of place and taken for a ride, I am glad to say this was not one of those experiences.

So this is my experience as a man:

Setting 100/100, the Atlantic ocean right there and what a wicked day.

I was consulted about my routine or lack thereof, lifestyle, partying, sun and sea exposure and all.

The treatment table was heated, full of fluffy white towels and soothing Royksopp playing in the background (nice choice). All teh while you can see the swell rolling in.

So from the minute I set foot in the salon I was struck with a real sense of professionalism.

I was prescribed the full monty facial with many different steps of cleansing and treatments (My skin is in fact tired and in dire need of some care). I found out that what i had been doing was tantamount to washing my face with sunlight soap the green one, which is not good apparently)

Isabella is very knowledgeable and imparts this knowledge in an easy manner without making you feel like a complete idiot.

As skeptical boys we assume from the amount of products that our female counterparts have and use or don’t use that they are unnecessary. This is not a farce, not a money making racket.

I thought the treatments were very relaxing and the infomation tranferred was hugely beneficial.

i asked lots of questions and there was always a solid answer…..that didn’t lead into ….well you have to have this product too.

was given some products that will help clean and nourish my tired old face and give me a better chance of survival.

I was not sold products i did not need, I was given great advice specific to men and this advice was borne out of an understanding that we as men will remember to do these steps rarely so multiple steps to a healthy skin was not going to be worth it, as these products will not get used and sit in the bathroom gathering dust.

I can recommend Isabella and exquisite Skin Therapy to anyone that is keen to try a new therapist, has never been to one or is looking to spoil that special someone in your life.

and I feel and look great !! (even if I do say so myself)

Impressed !!

Many thanks for the facial. I had a wonderful and enjoyable time on Saturday.
Started using the products immediately and could see the difference in my skin.
Thank you!
Kind regards

I arrived at Isabella looking for a quick fix to my very un heathly looking skin. Isabella was very knowledgeable and gave me the right advice and products to start to correct my skin. It wasn’t a quick fix but change takes time. I have almost completed the skin peel program, my skin has completely changed it just looks amazing, no lines, open pores, oily patches and breakouts. For the first time in many years I have flawless, soft beautiful skin!! This is all due to the advice from Isabella and recommended products. If you are reading this because you are thinking of doing the Exquisite Skin program, do it you will never look back!

I’ve just finished the Exquisite Skin Peel Program which is a course of 6 TCA skin peels. I am so happy and impressed with the visible results. Isabella is so professional and efficient throughout. She lets you know exactly what to expect, so there are no surprises. She takes such pride in her work and truly cares for her clients, with follows up after each session to check on the results.

I also switched to using Nimue products and my skin feels amazing, so smooth and hydrated.

Exquisite skin therapy comes highly recommended. The most beautiful setting coupled with the most highly-skilled skin therapist!

I’m so thrilled to have found isabella, most beauty therapists are so unprofessional these days. I travel all the way from Muizenberg to Bantry Bay for my treatments and they are soooo worth it!

I have also just finished my Exquisite Skin Program of 6 TCA peels over 6 weeks and everyone is commenting on how wonderful my skin looks.

I am a loyal client of Isabella’s, one of us would have to move abroad for me to stop my treatments…

I finished the Exquisite Skin Peel program (ending with a Chemibrasion) about a year ago. My skin was experiencing premature signs of ageing and I was feeling like I needed an overhaul! so I committed to the program and started. From the first peel I saw results. Isabella explained step by step what to expect along the way and she was spot on. Every symptom I experienced she predicted and every result she promised was delivered. Her advice, expertise and professionalism is unparralleled. I was told by another Nimue salon that I would need to have to repeat the peels 4 times a year. Isabella said that that would not be necessary – and that I could choose which treatments to repeat down the line, including just having a Chemibrasion a couple of times a year if so desired. I am about to have my first one since the end of the Peel program and am excited as the results were so good the first time and have lasted for nearly 12 months! My wrinkles softened and fine lines disappeared! I had brown spots that faded and my overall skin texture and tone completely evened out. I feel 10 years younger still even after a year! My husband even noticed after the first month of treatments!

I have been a frequent spa visitor for over 30 years and can confidently say I have found my favourite! Exquisite Skin Therapy is a boutique owner run salon that promises service and delivers, you really feel like you are getting special treatment every time you visit. I now have all my beauty treatments there!

DO yourself a favour – book a facial and listen to the advice given regarding your skin and prescription of products… your skin will thankyou. Your stress levels will too after experiencing the ambiance at Exquisite!

Working with Isabella has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she highly professional, sympathetic and knowledgeable about her products, but she offers her service in a beautiful, tranquil setting.

The results have been amazing!. Friends and colleagues have noticed the change with comments like ‘you look fresh’, from those unaware of my treatment sessions. In fact, my hairdresser thought I had had some work done as the lines around my eyes have disappeared, my skin no longer looks tired and dull, as well as looking several years younger.

My pigmentation is 70 % gone and we still have another treatment or two to go.

Thanks Isabella. I will certainly recommend your services in the future and I look forward to maintaining those results with your Nimue product range in the months to come..

“Severely stressed out and BRIGHT RED” is an understatement when referring to my skin on my first visit to Isabella.

In the 3 month period leading up to my wedding Isabella (and the ‘Exquisite Skin Programme’ – chemical peel programme) transformed my skin from abovementioned state to unbelievably smooth, no redness and at least 70% reduction in pigmentation and signs of early ageing (fine lines almost gone :-)).

I never met such a highly skilled therapist with both a passion for her profession and the product she is selling who also takes her client’s interests to heart.

The Exquisite Skin Therapy Salon setting cannot be topped and thanks to Isabella I have confidence to appear in public without makeup again.

For all the brides out there or anyone for that matter who does not know of Isabella you should check out her website on http://www.exquisiteskintherapy.com and definitely pay her a visit. She is an absolute life saver! and for my wedding my number one priority was sorting out my skin and beauty regime before the wedding. It is amazing how many brides spends thousands on a dress but neglect the number one thing – their skin! which is worn everyday! I definitely recommend following the bridal countdown which includes the Exquisite Skin Program which you can read about on her blog.

Isabella is so friendly and you feel so relaxed and comfortable in her surroundings and she is very accommodating and flexible with appointments and times. She always explains her treatments and on your initial appointment she spends time getting to know you and about your lifestyle and asks the relevant questions while you complete the questionnaire. She emails you regularly to ensure all is going well with your skin and you can phone her daily and ask her hundreds of questions! She clearly loves what’s she does and goes the extra mile for all her clients. Nothing is too much of a bother for her.

But what is best about her salon is that it is private with spectacular views of the ocean … and you really have dedicated time with her always as your therapist with no interruptions. My fiancé had never set foot in a salon and had never had a facial but he is now a regular client of Isabella’s and loves the hydrating facial with the neck massage. She also gives great tips about vitamins to take and supplements for your skin.

She has totally transformed me and I love my new beauty products and I highly recommend Exquisite Skin Therapy to every bride and groom!!

On recommendation, I booked with Isabella for my first Eye Lash Extension treatment. I was so overwhelmed by the outcome and particularly how natural they looked!

At the same time I was also considering changing my skin products, so Isabella talked me through – at length – Nimue and the benefits I could expect for my Hyperpigmented skin.

I have been using the products for 2 weeks now and I am amazed at the results – I even forget to put on my foundation now, my skin has improved so much!

I regularly travel from London to Cape Town on business and have never found a therapist here I was completely happy with. A friend gave me Isabellas card & I visited her for waxing and a manicure & pedicure. The setting of the salon is simply gorgeous with stunning sea views and relaxes you the moment you arrive and Isabella herself is welcoming and engaging. The waxing was simply the best I have EVER had, totally pain free, speedy & efficient – I am seriously considering flying back from London for the next one!

Since then I’ve had repeat manis and pedis and eyelash extensions and all to the same incredibly high standards. I simply couldn’t recommend Isabella more highly!

What an amazing location and what a great way to spend a couple of hours!! Whilst holidaying in Cape Town I found Isabella and Exquisite Skin and Beauty Theraphy an the internet, I had an amazing facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage to die for (thanks Fortune). Would definately recommend Exquisite to anyone.

Thanks for the most wonderful and informative facial! It was so great knowing exactly what you were doing and what the product (Nimune) was doing to my skin during the facial. Also thank you for introducing me to Lash Extender. I’m so excited to share it with my readers! I LOVED leaving with the view of the ocean! A sense of Calm after a relaxing facial. I look forward to going back! Kim xx

Isabella’s extensive product and skin knowledge coupled with the right amount of professionalism and friendliness made my treatment a memorable experience. My skin has undergone a remarkable transformation! The spa’s view is something to behold. I have scheduled a follow-up appointment to which I am impatiently looking forward.

I underwent the Exquisite Skin Peel Programme (over six weeks) and was extremely happy with the results! The treatment was most effective with fine lines around the eyes and just the general tone and health of my skin has subsequently improved significantly. Since the treatment, my skin has remained in wonderful condition (obviously with ongoing use of the Nimue product range and monthly facials) and I’ve noticed a significant decline in outbreaks.

Isabella is very professional and provides excellent service and knowledge related to skincare and I highly recommend her for regular facials and the treatments that I have described above.

My skin was dull and lifeless and very congested for some time and I was at my wits end what treatment would be the best for my skin, Isabella suggested that I do a course of facial peels and I have not looked backed! My skin is smooth, radiant & glowing. I am 33 and never wear make up.Weeks after my treatment people are still commenting on how radiant I look.

Isabella is extremely accommodating to her clients and one of the only salons that you can book up to 7 o clock in the evening when work just runs too late!

I began using Nimue products at the end of August 2010. My problematic skin soon smoothed out, decongested and began to glow. I have just completed The Exquisite Skin Peel Program 8 week program of Nimue peels and my skin is now silky, clear and radiant. Thank you Isabella and Nimue for bringing my skin to its present, glorious state.

I began using Nimue products at the end of August 2010. My problematic skin soon smoothed out, decongested and began to glow. I have just completed The Exquisite Skin Peel Program 8 week program of Nimue peels and my skin is now silky, clear and radiant. Thank you Isabella and Nimue for bringing my skin to its present, glorious state.

Awesome experience!
Great view and awesome company…
Definitely will visit again!

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan
I recommend Isabella Loneragan as best therapist. She has always impressed me with her excellent product knowledge.I have seen tremendous results from her advice and perscriptions. She keeps herself current with the latest product information and ensures that her clients recieve the best by keeping them informed as new products are la…unched. I have been for many facials with Isabella and always feel empowered that I am using the best products. I have tried many salons and expensive products and never have I felt so confident about my therapist and my products! I have recommended friends to visit her salon and her professionalism has been impressive. Once she gives a prescription and sold products she follows up with the new client. This blows me away! I have never known professionalism, service delivery and product knowledge like this before and as a 32 year old, well-travelled woman, I have been caring for my skin and dealing with therapists globally for a very long time.

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan
Isabella all the way. She definitely has my vote! I mean i have been to so many spa’s i have even dated so many beauticians and i have had every type of treatment done to me,but nothing compares to the level of professionalism, skill and just pure dedication that i experienced when i went to her. I had a facial which was …just out of this world because for the first time ever i experienced all my senses being hightened. There was great music being played in the background, a beautiful view as well as Isabella explaining her knowledge on each procedure and product that she used on my skin. Often these beauticians lack personality, but wow she has just got a gift hey. Isabella Loneragen is just all round fantastic.

Thank you Isabella for always looking out for my skins best interests. You’re a legend!

Grant Ross
Personal trainer

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

I really look forward to my treatments with Isabella, coming in to the room with the most spectacular view I feel incredibly welcome and it’s so very easy to relax and zone out while she works her magic. Her knowledge about what’s good for my skin has made all the difference, Isabella has converted me to a true Nimue product lover and… I can’t wait for the next opportunity to be pampered!
Keri Knight

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Isabella of Exquisite Skin Therapy is hands down the best therapist I have ever experienced in my life! Her Nimue product knowledge is extensive and together with the Nimue products she has recommeded for my skin and her expert knowledge, m…y skin has improved beyond belief. She has a kind and caring manner about her, always tries her best to accommodate her clients needs. My monthy facial is my special treat to myself, and I always look forward to Isabella’s magic hands that work wonders om my skin, and her neck and shoulder massage is AMAZING!!

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

* BEST NIMUE THERAPIST is without doubt Isabella from Exquisite Skin Therapy (Bantry Bay, Cape Town)!! *
Isabella takes great time and care to select the right Nimue products and skin care routine essentially suited to you. She provides true personalised service and is dedicated to Nimue Skin. You know a therapist fully supports a product when they use it themselves. Everyday!!
Isabella is definitely your winning choice.

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

No-one could beat Isabella of Exquisite Skin Therapy, her incredible Nimue product knowledge converted my skin from bumpy, dry and aging rapidly to creamy, even, hydrated and glowing and she also gives an excellent shoulder massage. I always feel awesome after my monthly facial – she’s simply the best!

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Isabella at Exquisite Skin Therapy is without a doubt the best therapist I have ever been too. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very flexible to her clients needs. I have recommended her to a few friends and will keep on recommending

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Definitely Isabel at Exquisite Skin Therapy, otherwise I would never have known about Nimue and would be floundering in skin limbo …

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Without a doubt it would be Isabella at Exquisite Skin Therapy. She introduced me to the product and was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the product that I decided to try it and have not looked back. Plus she is a great person who makes it such a lovely relaxing and enjoyable experience everytime 🙂

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Isabella at Exquisite is helpful, professional and puts one at ease! For sure she is the best there is!

Nomination for Nimue Skin Techonology’s Favourite Therapist award: Winner Isabella Loneragan

Isabella from Exquisite in Bantry Bay…Isabella suggested I try Nimue while i was dissatisfied with the well known expensive spa product that i was using. I tried the travel pack and have not gone back – nimue is fantastic and isabella has not only helped my skin improve but also made my wallet fatter! thanks Isabella!
Isabella from Exquisite in Bantry Bay…Isabella suggested I try Nimue while i was dissatisfied with the well known expensive spa product that i was using. I tried the travel pack and have not gone back – nimue is fantastic and isabella has not only helped my skin improve but also made my wallet fatter! thanks Isabella!

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